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ReFace apk | Using ReFace, You can swap face photos and face illustrations with Simple operation. Exchange with everyone taking pictures, or try a hairstyle that you are not brave but you want to try. How is yours! Combination of face with friends and family or lover, trying to create a new Face!

From your two favorite images, "ReFace" create an image that replaced face. For the "ReFace" image, you can also easily adjust the translation, scale, rotation and brightness. Save the resulting image to a file, let's show it to everyone.

# Information
We also offers free version of "ReFace". You can try, using it.

If you purchased and download normal version "ReFace", please uninstall the free version since it waste memory usage.
[Settings]-[Applications]-[Manage Applications]-[ReFace Free]-[Uninstall]

Normal version is different from free version in the following points.
- High resolution(*1)
- No Ads
- No link to normal version "ReFace" of the Android Market.
(*1)If the original image is low resolution, ReFace image is also low resolution.

If you use more than Android 2.2, "SD Card Installation" is recommended. Because this program is large.
[Settings]-[Applications]-[Manage Applications]-[ReFace Free]-[Move to SD card]

# Requires
Android 2.1 or higher

# Tested Device
Xperia SO-01B(Android 2.1)
GALAXY S SC-02B(Android 2.2)
REGZA Phone T-01C(Android 2.1)
REGZA Phone T-01C(Android 2.2)
HTC Desire(Android 2.2)
HTC Desire HD(Android 2.3)


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