Get Black Camera Silent camera spy apk Fast Download

Black Camera Silent camera spy apk Description

Black Camera Silent camera spy apk | ※Do not use it for any illegal work.※
※It is your own responsibility for using it※

Why is this camera application good for you?
(Black Screen + Silent + Burst Mode + Hide Folder)

1. The preview screen will be all black like when the phone is turned off. (No one will know you are taking a pic)
2. Touch anywhere in the screen. (Auto focus at the beginning)
3. The shutter sound is muted.
4. You can use the burst mode when you press menu key!(at the most 1000 pics!!)
5. The save folder is 'BlackCamera' and You can use Show/Hide function when you press menu key!(that means your own secret folder!!)
6. The screen will be never turned off if you do not turn it off.(anytime, anywhere with your Black Camera!)
7. You can select the resolution in the setting.

Thank you and have fun with it! silent manner mute camera!


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