Update 3D Jellyfish HD Pro Live Wallp apk Update Version

3D Jellyfish HD Pro Live Wallp apk Description

3D Jellyfish HD Pro Live Wallp apk | 3D JellyFish is a live wallpaper for Android 2.2+ deviecs. that renders a nice underwater scene with lots of jellyfish that you can interact with.

3D JellyFish is not a movie, this live wallpaper is implemented by OpenGL 2.0 for its animation and you can interact with it.

3D Jellyfish Live Wallpaper supports Android 3.0 and is optimized for Android Pad.

Key Features:
♥ The most realistic jellyfish simulation;
♥ Dynamically simulated skeletons (spring chains);
♥ Well implemented and optimized by OpenGL 2.0;
♥ Camera-facing particle system and volumetric light effect;
♥ More sophisticated lighting, model and simulation controls;
♥ Improved animation and shading;
♥ Optimized for Android 3.0 and Android Pad;
♥ Can be installed to SD Card;
♥ 100% ads free;
♥ No permissions;


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