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Doodle Camera apk Description

Doodle Camera apk | This is a must-try doodle camera. Preview the effects in real time. It is an entertainment to look through the camera and see the world as a doodle. The "Fineliner" effect is unique on the market. It looks like a doodle on a white paper. This is amazing, you should try it!


- fineliner
- pencil
- chalk
- redclay
- dia
- gravure
- blue screen

Find us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/DoodleCamera and discover more photos.

Each effect has four quality levels. The output of the images has a resolution of 800x480. Create doodles of architecture, landscapes, portraits or take just individual coloring pages for children.

Stored pictures are found on the sdcard: /sdcard/DoodleCamera/

Have a lot of fun with Doodle Camera.

For suggestions or bug reports please send a short e-mail, each message is processed as quickly as possible.


- All Motorolla devices
- HTC Aria

If your device is not supported contact me by Email and you will get a refund. (mailto: vfichtn@gmail.com)


Please contact me by Email if you have any problems, you will get a refund immediately.


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