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Portrait Posing Guide apk | The Portrait Photographers Posing Guide.

Men, Women, Children, Couples, Groups.

So much more than just series of poses, this app contains all the basic RULES of posing people. Rules that anyone dealing with photographing (or painting) people need to know

Many top portrait photographers have been doing all these things for years. If you look deeper into their work you will see what is happening, but the public who hang these portraits on their walls will never notice. This is the art of making a good portrait by following the rules of posing, while at the same time not making it obvious.

The little drawings and sketches in this app may at first seems silly. But this cartoon style is a good way to get the ideas over and make it easy to translate into the real thing.

As well as the rules section you will find a some ready made poses that you can flick to when you get stuck. Keep the app in your pocket, then if you get stuck for an idea you can take a secret glance to get you back on track.

Amateur Photographer Magazine said: “Some of the pictures are simply amusing but most of them give serious, invaluable advice on how to pose people.”

This Posing Guide app has been adapted from the classic Posing Guide book written and illustrated by Nigel Holmes which has been on sale in various forms for over 20 years.

Nigel Holmes has been a professional photographer for over thirty years, specialising in people. His photographs have been published in hundreds of publications all over the world including many of the top glossy magazines. His work has been seen in the national press, on bespoke calendars, record covers, books, fashion magazines, jigsaw puzzles, CD's and many others forms of media.

Considered somewhat of a posing and lighting expert he has written hundreds of articles for the photographic press and has ten books with his name on the cover. He has also had his own column in one of the UK’s biggest photo magazine. His advice and expert knowledge is regularly called on for broadcasting. He has also lectured widely for several international camera companies.


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